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Saturday 13. July 2024

Paul P. is drinking a Buffalo Belgian Stout by Brouwerij Van Den Bossche at Magazijn


Friday 12. July 2024

EU charges Elon Musk’s X for letting disinfo run wild

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Revisiting Arrakis: God Emperor of Dune

Both Dune Messiah and Children of Dune turned out to be a lot better than I remembered. God Emperor of Dune, however, did not. It’s certainly an ambitious book, trying to tell the story of 3500 year old entity with memories going back to the dawn of humanity, but it all falls a bit flat … Continue reading Revisiting Arrakis: God Emperor of Dune

Thursday 11. July 2024

Remarkably fast coalition negotiations in Belgium

That was quick. Filip, King of Belgians, has appointed Bart De Wever (Flemish nationalist/N-VA) in the role of ‘formateur’. The formateur will lead formal negotiations on the formation of a new federal government with representatives of his own Flemish nationalist N-VA, Flemish socialist Vooruit, the Flemish and Francophone Christian democrats of CD&V and Les Engagés … Continue reading Remarkably fast coalition negotiations in Belgium

Wednesday 10. July 2024

Keir Starmer has a plan to turn the populist tide – and Britain’s allies pray it works | Rafael Behr

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Tuesday 09. July 2024

Joe Biden now relies on instruction manuals, so here’s a good one: ‘Walk to podium, smile, wave goodbye’ | Marina Hyde

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Britain is suddenly a beacon of stability in Europe – now it’s France that’s in turmoil | Timothy Garton Ash

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Delayed by events

I normally post this weekly round-up on a Monday, but yesterday I wanted to mention the French election instead. So this week’s round-up comes a day late. This week we have been mainly watching… Despicable Me 4 We even went to the cinema for this one, but there really wasn’t much point. Despicable Me 4 … Continue reading Delayed by events

Monday 08. July 2024

France steps back from the brink

I was gratified to see that the Far Right in France were halted on Sunday, coming third in the Assembly elections after the left wing coalition of the New Popular Front (NFP) and the centrists of Ensemble. I think this vote does reflect a rejection of the far right rather than any particular enthusiasm for … Continue reading France steps back from the brink

Sunday 07. July 2024

Lessons from the UK for America’s fight against Trump

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Election 2024: This could be the birth of a powerful new electoral reform movement

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Keir Starmer stunned sceptics and rebuilt Labour. Now he must do the same for Britain | Andrew Rawnsley

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Paul P. is drinking a Kompel L'or Noir by Brouwerij Kompel

I was drinking this last night. It's not bad for a triple.

Friday 05. July 2024

How the Tory election campaign melted down in 6 disastrous weeks

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This election has upended British politics. A strange new landscape is revealed | Rafael Behr

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Election 2024: A new day has broken in the most beautiful of all possible worlds

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A New Dawn

So that’s it then. After a decade of chaos, corruption and ineptitude, the Conservative Party are out of office. At the time of writing this post, Labour are forecast to win 408 seats, a majority of 166. But what of Keir Starmer, Britain’s new Prime Minister? Plenty of people have dismissed him as being too … Continue reading A New Dawn

Wednesday 03. July 2024

Labour isn’t winning by luck. Keir Starmer has earned a historic victory | Rafael Behr

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The Conservatives are on course for the beating they deserve

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Farewell Rishi Sunak

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How tech went from free love to pay-per-click

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Monday 01. July 2024

France stumbles into darkness

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