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Monday 22. April 2024

Run Away!

His Master’s Voice HMV opened a store in Brussels last week so of course I went along to take a look. It’s all very spacious and nicely laid out, but the thing that really struck me was the extent to which the music had been pushed out of the way in favour of t-shirts, mugs … Continue reading Run Away!

Friday 19. April 2024

Terraforming Mars

I recently realised that I haven’t posted anything about Terraforming Mars, which is quite an oversight because this is a really good board game and one that I have been enjoying a lot over the past few weeks. Clearly inspired by Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy, the game puts the players in control of giant … Continue reading Terraforming Mars

Monday 15. April 2024

How the “Dune” screenwriters adapted an “unadaptable” book

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A quiet week ahead

Back to school The Easter break has ended and the kids have all gone back to school today. I am still working from home for three days a week and am having to get used, again, to having only the cat for company. This week we have been mainly watching Oppenheimer When he makes films, … Continue reading A quiet week ahead

Thursday 11. April 2024

The Beautiful South - Prettiest Eyes

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Monday 08. April 2024

Thai food and barbecues

Three Days and Two Nights The boys had a three day event away from home this week. It’s an annual thing, organised by the local youth group, that starts on Thursday with a 20-something km hike and ends on Saturday lunchtime when we pick them up. This tends to lead to the other annual event … Continue reading Thai food and barbecues

Monday 01. April 2024

International monsters

Gerrof my lawn! I ran into a door frame on Tuesday. On seeing some kids messing around on our front lawn, I yanked open the front door in order to go outside and yell at them. When stepping through the doorway, however, I missed and smashed my face into the door frame instead. I still … Continue reading International monsters

Friday 29. March 2024

California, here he comes! Think of Sunak's honours list as an open job application | Marina Hyde

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Monday 25. March 2024

Who you gonna call?

This week we have been mainly watching Ghostbusters Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II Nostalgia isn’t as good as it used to be. I enjoyed both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II when they were first released, and the films do still have their moments. But watching them again, I was struck by the extent to which both of … Continue reading Who you gonna call?

Sunday 24. March 2024

For the birds? Far from it. At last Rachel Reeves has given Britain a plan for economic liftoff | Will Hutton

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Monday 18. March 2024

Flooded Cargo

It never ends The past week has proved to be surprisingly busy. I have suddenly found myself with a lot more to do at work and heavy rain in the middle of the week left us having to pump the basement again. Twice. This is especially annoying as I’d finally decided that things were under … Continue reading Flooded Cargo