Currently Unavailable

Somewhere between 22nd and 31st October, some bunch of scrotes managed to break into this site and, among other things, change the blog name and strapline. Consequently this site is currently unavailable while I assess the damage.

This blog may or may not return.

Over the past year or so, I have become increasingly ambivalent about both the domain and the blog itself, having both less to say and less time in which to say it. During this time I have considered various options including, but not limited to, shutting down the blog completely, and moving to a hosted solution.

Hosting my own site is becoming more or a chore and this is not helped by the sort of socially inept script-kiddies who feel the need to waste everyone's time.

So here's the deal. By the end of November, either this site will be up and running again, or some version of it will have been moved elsewhere, or I will have decided that I have finally had enough of the whole blogging thing.

Whatever the result, this page will either be gone or updated no later than 30th November.