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Tuesday 28. May 2024

Polite Vendettas

New Toaster This week’s Monday post is a day later than usual because because I got carried away talking about Polite Society instead. But I did want to mention that we have a new toaster because it’s really good. We’ve been through a couple of toasters over the past couple of decades and the one … Continue reading Polite Vendettas

Monday 27. May 2024

Polite Society

I know I normally just post a brief round-up of the films I’ve seen, but Polite Society is such a good film that it really does deserve it’s own post. There is so much going on in this film, it’s quite difficult to sum it up. It’s a class-conscious comedy of manners spiced up with … Continue reading Polite Society

Sunday 26. May 2024

It is foolish and self-indulgent for the anti-Starmer left to split the Labour vote | Sonia Sodha

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The Observer view: When modified rice could save thousands of lives, it is wrong to oppose it

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Friday 24. May 2024

Revisiting Arrakis: Dune Messiah

Unlike Dune, I have not re-read any of the sequels so it’s been more than 30 years since I read Dune Messiah and my only real memory is one of slight disappointment. Obviously I wasn’t disappointed enough to stop reading the series, but this book hasn’t stayed with me in the same way that the … Continue reading Revisiting Arrakis: Dune Messiah

Tuesday 21. May 2024

The Talented Mr Hari

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Monday 20. May 2024

Love and Moving Castles

Another public holiday Today, 20th May, is Whit Monday which makes it a public holiday in Belgium. The third this month. With this being Belgium, the oldest boy took advantage of the long weekend by going to the next town for a two day party. For the test of us, the weekend has been very … Continue reading Love and Moving Castles

Friday 17. May 2024

Revisiting Arrakis: Dune

Last month I started re-reading the six books that make up Frank Herbert’s Dune saga. And it all starts with Dune. This is one of the very few novels that I have read multiple times, and every time I read it I find something new to appreciate. The plot is complex, multi-layered and manages to … Continue reading Revisiting Arrakis: Dune

Wednesday 15. May 2024

Yes, Rishi Sunak, the world is a scary place. That is why we need a new prime minister | Rafael Behr

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Monday 13. May 2024

Iron Maiden - Deja-Vu

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Everything is animated

Holiday month I like May. We have three public holidays this month, on the 1st, 9th and 20th. The 9th May is Ascension Day and it always falls on a Thursday. Inevitably, pretty much the entire country — including the schools — then takes a bridging day for the following Friday in order to enjoy … Continue reading Everything is animated

Friday 10. May 2024

Federating with WordPress: An observation

Back in October I activated the Enter the Fediverse setting on this blog which allows the blog to interact with the wider Fediverse. On the whole it works well, but I have noticed a bit of a quirk in that comments only seem to go one way. If someone in the Fediverse replies to one … Continue reading Federating with WordPress: An observation