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Saturday 24. February 2024


AC/DC‘s Thunderstruck, but with Tesla Coils. Nothing more needs to be said.

Thursday 22. February 2024

Synchronize Your Dogmas #10

Well, look what’s back. An irregular collection of cool, amusing or interesting things that I’ve bumped into over the past few weeks. I’ve done lists of links several times in the past and it is quite a handy format for articles and ephemera which are worth sharing but about which I don’t have a lot … Continue reading Synchronize Your Dogmas #10

Wednesday 21. February 2024

Quote of the day: Stealth coalitions

You can have multiparty rule with explicit deals to share power or, as we have now, submerged coalition politics with warring factions vying for supremacy within one party. The latter model is not obviously more democratic. — Rafael Behr

‘Get the Tories out’ will carry the election, but it won’t fix the faultlines of a broken politics | Rafael Behr

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Tuesday 20. February 2024

Quote of the day: Don’t believe the hype

Sharing information about clinical trials is vital in the development of treatments since it allows investigators to learn what does and does not work. It also ensures that results receive proper scrutiny. Science by tweet is, in comparison, a poor substitute. — Richard Speed responds to Elon Musk’s latest unverified claim.

Neuralink patient masters mind-mouse maneuvers – if Musk is to be believed

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Sunday 18. February 2024

Feedle: A Search Engine for RSS feeds

There seems to be something of an uptick of interest in blogs and blogging at the moment. At the very least, the subject keeps on coming up in online conversations, and this has led me to start looking more actively for blogs to follow. Normally, this involves following links and checking out the various profile … Continue reading Feedle: A Search Engine for RSS feeds

Wednesday 14. February 2024

The Philosophy Of Magic

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Saturday 10. February 2024

Retreat from the Green New Deal

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Wednesday 07. February 2024


We are increasingly seeing the impact of climate change around the world and we know that this is mainly caused by the volume of CO2 that our burning of fossil fuels is pumping into the atmosphere. So Germany’s decision to burn more fossil fuels can only be described as utterly stupid.

Wednesday 31. January 2024

Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right

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Tories fret about a nanny state – but with decay all around, voters want politicians who step in | Rafael Behr

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Tuesday 30. January 2024

Microsoft Edge ignores user wishes, slurps tabs from Chrome without permission

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