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Monday 17. June 2024

Eight legged teenagers

This week we have been mainly watching… Carrie Stephen King wrote the novel and Brian De Palma adapted it for film. This 2013 version of Carrie brings things forward to a more modern setting and is both very well executed and suitably grim. But I can’t get past the feeling that it’s also all a … Continue reading Eight legged teenagers

Friday 14. June 2024

Interesting Times

There were elections last Sunday. Lots of Elections. Not just for the European Parliament but in Belgium we also had votes for the Federal, Flemish and Walloon governments. And more. Overall, there has been a shift to the right, but not as far right as the most pessimistic polls were predicting. Flemish Parliament In Flanders, … Continue reading Interesting Times

Thursday 13. June 2024

Terrorvision - Alice What's the Matter

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Wednesday 12. June 2024

Wake up! After these elections, Europe is again in danger | Timothy Garton Ash

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What a historic Labour win will mean for Britain

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Tuesday 11. June 2024

The lifecycle of a tech bubble

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The predicted governing party implosion in historical and constitutional context

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All Over Bar the Shouting

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Monday 10. June 2024

Princess Godzilla, Running

Father’s Day Sunday was father’s day in Belgium, and the boys managed to wait until the evening barbecue before acknowledging the fact. But when they did, they did well and I now have enough chocolate and enegy drinks to last for the rest of the year. It’s been warm and sunny all weekend here and … Continue reading Princess Godzilla, Running

Saturday 08. June 2024

Week-in-Review: The Conservative doomsday clock strikes midnight

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Friday 07. June 2024

Rishi Sunak’s D-Day snub shows he’s horrible at politics

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Revisiting Arrakis: Children of Dune

Dune Messiah was a lot better than I expected but Children of Dune is absolutely superb. Set nine years after the events in Dune Messiah, Children of Dune focusses on Paul Atreides’ twin children, Leto and Ghanima, as well as his sister Alia who now rules the known universe as Regent. It’s in this book … Continue reading Revisiting Arrakis: Children of Dune

Wednesday 05. June 2024

Online Privacy and Overfishing

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Sunak’s campaign was a Nigel Farage tribute act – and now he’s been upstaged | Rafael Behr

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Tuesday 04. June 2024

You can laugh all you like at Ed Davey’s antics if they restore the Lib Dems’ clout

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